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M-VSAT-1_0C-Band has always been the frequency band of choice for serious maritime satellite communications because of its inherent resilience to rain fade and an abundance of geostationary satellite C-Band oceanic coverage. However, traditionally, the size, weight and cost of C-Band stabilised VSATs have limited their application to only the largest of vessels and communications budgets.

The StreamSAT 0.6m Marine VSAT utilises THISS Technologies third generation Spread Spectrum satellite modem. This allows the use of a revolutionarily small antenna for C-Band satellite communications. The result is smaller, cheaper terminal equipment and installation.

The 0.6m Marine VSAT and modem includes an integrated IP router for simple and standard integration with Internet applications and backhaul infrastructure. It can be used either to extend a private network or to allow Internet connectivity onboard.

As with all StreamSAT satellite terminals, the 0.6m Marine VSAT employs THISS Technologies patented air interface. This allows integration with the THISS’ web-based NMS and DAMA systems for the provision of fit-for-purpose Internet and private IP networks.

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