Color Echo Sounder JFC-130



The JFC-130/130HP Fish Finder is designed with three components that are a 10.4-inch high visible TFT color LCD display, processor and dedicated keyboard. This will show sharper pictures of fish schools, plankton and seabed conditions. Also this provides ease operation on the distinct display and ease setting and will have superior performance to be capable for not only professional but leisure uses


Sensitivity,clutter rejection and STC (debubblizing)finely adjustable for sea areas,seasons and fishing methods

  • Flexible selection of three types fishing ground and fish species
  • Detection of surface fish by high-speed sounding
  • Bottom fish clearly discriminated by sea bottom enlargement
  • Fish species clearly recognizable on three split displays
  • Water temperature and depth graphs in overlay with fish echo display by one key-touch operation
  • Bottom topological display to readily discriminate bottom rocks and soil
  • Bottom Hardness (BH)data,direct output to PC
  • Four component configuration : Transducer,Processor,Keyboard and Display
  • Variable vertical and horizontal screen, Flush mount or Bracket mounting
  • 10.4″Color LCD (640×480 VGA) display meets IPX5 waterproofing, vibration specifications IEC60945
  • Display unit monitor swivels and tilts for easy viewing with variable illumination setting for personal preference
  • Second display capability with one processor using optional RGB Video output (CAD-239)
  • Lower power consumption comparing with JFV-130/131 CRT type


Simple Operation

  • Keys and controls on the operation panel are minimized.Sensitivity,clutter rejection and STC are finely adjustable depending upon sea areas,seasons and fishing methods.
  • Three types of fishing ground or fish species can be present and stored.Once they are present,any type of fishing ground or fish species is selectable and can be reset to another type by pushing the CUSTOM button.

Clear Detection of Surface and Bottom fish

  • The adoption of a narrow zero-line fuction and a new transducer makes the transducer line finer.The high-speed emissionof 600 (JFC-130) / 300(JFC-130HP) pulses or more per minute enables small fish in the surface water to be clearly detected.
    The bottom enlargement display in 16 color gradations discriminates bottom fish from the sea bottom distinctly.

Various Functions

  • Simultaneous display of two images
    When an image is switched to another,two images are immediately displayed for ease of comparsion.
  • A-Scope Display
    A fish echo is displayed in a color tone with a width depending upon its signal intensity.The display mode is turned on or off by a one key-touch operation.
  • Distinction (mix)mode
    The three-split display mode in which a distinction display is added to the dual- frequency split display is very useful in discriminating fish species.
  • Water temperature and depth graphs
    Water temperature and depth graphs can be displayed in overlay with a fish echo image.Since these temperature and depth variations are stored,the graphs may be easily displayed by one keyƅ] touch operation.Normally,the fish echo image is displayed on a full screen.
  • Bottom discrimination mode
    In the bottom lock enlargement mode,a long bottom tail shows a hard bottom (such as base rock)while a short bottom tail shows a soft bottom (mud and sand).Thus,the bottom topology can be discriminated depending upon the tail width.

Specifications / Components

Display10.4-inch high-luminance TFT color LCD
Power supply12/24/32VDC (10.8 to 45VDC)
Power consumption60W or less (at 24V)
Dimensions295(W) x 324(H) x 372(D)mm
Operating temperature-15deg.C to +5deg.C
BrightnessAdjustable by control (in common use with power switch)
Display modesStandard
Standard/Bottom enlargement
Standard/Bottom discrimination enlargement
Mixed mode
FrequenciesOne or two frequencies of 200/75/50/28 kHz
Output power1 kW or 3 kW(HP)
Depth range2,000m + shift 1,500m
Depth scalemeter, feet, fathoms and optional
Scan speed9 steps and stop
Background color4 colors
Echo colors16 colors/8 colors
Interference rejection2 steps
Data indicationsWater depth, temperature and ship speed
GraphsWater temperature and depth
External input/outputNMEA0183 input/output,JRC format
Water temperature and speed sensors