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The M660 is a high-performance, long life, easy-to-use and cost effective self-contained solar LED marine lantern.

Carmanah 660

lampu sabik

Carmanah M 650


Carmanah M550

Solar Powered LED Marine Lantern up to 7,5 NM Range

Carmanah M850

carmanah m860

Carmanah M860

JFC 130jfc130_diagram

Color Echo Sounder JFC-130


Echo sounder JFC-180bb

Echo sounder/Fish finder:JFC-7050Echo sounder/Fish finder:JFC-7050

Echo sounder/Fish finder:JFC-7050


Isat docking

sonar-JFP180 JFP-180BB jrc

JFP-180BB Searchlight sonar

Searchlight Sonar JRC Indonesia

JFP-185 searchlight sonar

Doppler current meter JLN-652

JLN-652 Current indicator

Radar_Kapaljrc nke

JMA-1030 radar Series (jma-1032/jma-1034)


Marine Simulators


Mobilis Buoys

nasa wireless clipper wind

NASA Marine Clipper Wind System