VTIS Vessel Traffic System

Signalis Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems provide operators with an overview of their areas of interest, enabling them to monitor and interact to critical maritime situations, and provide the means to quickly communicate to all relevant authorities. Signalis Systems have been installed in more than 200 locations throughout the world.

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The core of these systems is the unique software modules and hardware components which have been developed and perfected over more than 25 years. This technology uses a sensor network which may include:

  • Radars,
  • AIS base stations,
  • Radio Direction Finders,
  • Cameras and Thermal Imagers.

Signalis unique VTS software oversees the management of this sensor network and correlates the various inputs to a specific tracked vessel or other target. It can also link this vessel track to existing historical database information either locally or internationally. All operations are continuously archived including tracks, raw radar video, operator actions, voice communications and camera/imager video. Additional modules provide:

  • Voice over IP for radio or telephone communications capability,
  • Ship database,
  • Decision aids for decision-making support,
  • Web Track Server for secure internet access to system tracking and other data
  • Exchange of information with other systems,
  • System health monitoring.